Hello!​ I'm so glad you could stop by. I'm Fiona, owner and creator of Fiona Cakes. I specialize in customized buttercream cakes for celebrations of all kinds. I am wildly passionate about baking, and dedicated to providing the most delicious cake you and your guests have ever tasted! The Fiona Cakes difference is in the quality of ingredients - buying local and authentic wherever I can. 

Where It All Began

Two years ago, when I moved in with my now husband, I enjoyed my new kitchen so much that you could hardly find me outside of it. Cooking and baking quickly became my favorite creative outlet-and I so enjoyed that feeling of providing a home cooked or fresh baked meal. Having picked up on my other favorite pastime of watching baking shows (seriously-cannot get enough), he gifted me a cake decorating kit for Christmas. And that's the simple start to Fiona Cakes. The feeling of making something with love for my little family was now on a larger scale - kids' birthdays, holidays, and events. I was entirely hooked! I am now dedicated to making cakes that not only look beautiful, modern, and elegant, but that also bring that taste and flavor that can only be achieved with quality ingredients, devoted time and effort, and of course, a whole lotta love. 

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